Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stones Corner

I was living at Annerley when I started primary school. In those days there were no huge suburban shopping centres, and in any case, many families didn't have a car. Ours certainly didn't. Shopping entailed either going to the local corner store for groceries, or, if you wanted clothes (or material to make your own clothes!), then you needed to catch a bus to a larger retail area like the City or the Valley. We had two other choices - the Gabba, which also entailed a bus journey; or we could walk to Stones Corner. I walked to Stones Corner with my mother lots of times - across Juliette and Cornwall Streets, through Hanlon Park and there you were! I remember a few things about Stones Corner: the Alhambra picture theatre; the Stones Corner Hotel; a leather goods shop that sold the change purses that bus and tram conductors wore around their waist (for some unknown reason, I always wanted one!); and the library. I can remember joining the Stones Corner Library, and the ritual of borrowing books and taking them back at the end of the allotted time. Across the road from the library was the building below, the National Bank, shown here in 1952.

(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library; #13314)

I'd have to say that I don't specifically remember that bank although I did have a bank account. Like a lot of other schoolkids, I was able to have a Commonwealth Bank account into which we could make deposits that were collected at school - you got a little stamp in your passbook for every florin (two shillings, or twenty cents) you deposited.
(Photo: © 2009 the foto fanatic)

Anyway, the library is still there. I wonder what they did about that Biggles book that wasn't returned because I moved house? :-) The bank building is still there too, although NAB has moved out. It now houses a skate shop - how cool. Today's kids can pester their Mums about skateboards instead of leather tram conductor pouches!

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  1. that's interesting, i remember the national bank when it was in logan rd before the intersection with old cleveland rd.

    and then when the two banks merged, there was an NAB further south, near to the old post office

  2. I am now the tenant of this building. Ive restored the shop to pretty much what it used to look like. The disgusting layers of paint I peeled off with just a hand chisel and sweat! Underneath I found unique signage, beautiful brickwork and the shop I have dreamed of having since I was 15.

    This is now a funky little cafe serving gourmet sandwiches, great coffee, homemade soup and friands, buttermilk muffins and other glorius treats. Come and vist monday thru saturday 7am - 3pm!

  3. Great -what's it called?

    Maybe we need another photo :-)

  4. It's called Lady Marmalade Cafe, and seems to be going gangbusters!


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