Friday, July 3, 2009

All Saints' Church, Wickham Terrace

Wickham Terrace in Spring Hill is one of the older parts of Brisbane, just up the hill from the early settlement. It is here that the convicts built the mill that was used initially for grinding flour, then was turned into a signal post for the port of Brisbane. At the lower end of Wickham Terrace stands Brisbane's oldest Anglican church, All Saints'. The original church was designed by Benjamin Backhouse and completed in 1861; it was rebuilt in 1869 to a design by RG Suter. Below is a photograph of it from around 1885.

(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library; #4823)

The church's web site describes the building thus: "Its style is nineteenth century gothic revival, with buttressed walls of rough faced rubble, porphyry and sandstone, and a metal clad roof. The interior has a fine example of a hammer-beam roof, which is rare in Australia." The church is a brief stroll from the Anglican St John's Cathedral in Ann St, and it describes itself as the Parish Church of the city of Brisbane. Readers who are interested in the development of All Saints' may wish to read this story of how the initial church came to be. The church today is dwarfed by the neighbouring Suncorp building (see my recent photo below), but its charming stone presence is a welcome counter to high-rise office towers.
And, a further photo without those offending palms blocking the view. (Don't get me started!)
(Photos: © 2009 the foto fanatic)

The All Saints' web pages indicate that the church sees itself as the most catholic of Brisbane's Anglican churches, and the State Government's EPA site describes All Saints as high Church of England and St John's as the low church. Whilst I may find this slightly mystifying, I'm sure that Anglicans have it all sorted.

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  1. I have to agree the palms spoil the view!

    But I live in Canada so think palms are incredibly exotic. ;-)

  2. Hi and thanks for dropping by. I guess palms are exotic, but I would much rather see nice deciduous trees like you see in Canada- well-nigh impossible in our temperate climate. The grass is always greener, as they say!

    You might enjoy my latest post!

  3. I actually was married in this church over 30 years ago and I happen to love the palms! This is sub-tropical Brisbane and palms give a friendly, welcoming Ambiance to this beautiful old church. We are NOT in Canada... thank goodness! Carol.

  4. A lovely spot for a wedding too!
    I don't expect others to join my dislike of palms - I'm all for a bit of diversity.
    In the tree world I love Moreton Bay Figs so I'm not a total tree-hater.


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