Monday, July 13, 2009

Kangaroo Point Uniting Church

There's no doubt about churches - they're usually built to last. Pictured below is the Uniting Church, formerly the Wesleyan Church, at 46 Linton St in Kangaroo Point. This photograph dates from 1926, but the church was actually opened in 1903.

(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library; #189796)

The church itself appears to be quite a substantial building for the times, especially seeing Kangaroo Point was then very much a working man's suburb. But the faithful always seem to be able to locate the requisite funds for building churches, and this one has stood the test of time.
(Photo: © 2009 the foto fanatic)

The building appeared largely unchanged from the earlier picture when I photographed it recently (click for a larger view), save for the removal of roof ornaments, which probably occurred when the roof was renewed at some time. In a tribute to our multi-cultural community, the sign in front of the church is bilingual, and the church's web page also mentions special Fijian services. And, just in case the meek don't inherit the earth, you can sign up for karate classes too!
(Photo: © 2009 the foto fanatic)

I haven't been inside this church, but there appear to be a number of stained glass windows. I am sure that they would be beautiful with sunlight shining through them. I did seem to see a special effect on the exterior of the church, though! :-)

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