Wednesday, October 28, 2009

St Mary's Catholic Church, South Brisbane

There was a great deal of controversy surrounding this church for some time, although it does seem that an uneasy truce has been reached now. This is the building of St Mary's Catholic Church at Merivale St, South Brisbane, pictured around the year 1900.

(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library, #16357)

Because I am not a regular church goer, let alone a member of this community, I could hardly be an authority on what has gone on here. I don't know whether media reports have necessarily been free of bias, but to summarise them it appears that the former parish priest at the church participated in or condoned certain activities within the church that were not wholly in accord with Catholic doctrine. For example, gay worshippers were welcomed, and certain parts of the mass were adjusted from the viewpoint of political correctness. Apparently though, the congregation kept growing, reversing the trend that has occurred in Christian churches elsewhere. You can read a bit more about all this here, at fellow-blogger Cara's Brisbane Daily Photo. After protracted disagreement, the Catholic Church decided that it could no longer support the priest and he was asked to leave. Another parish priest has now been appointed in his place. Here is my current view of the exterior of the church, and below that is a picture from 2007, showing the beautiful interior. The congregation is preparing for a baptism.
(Photo: © 2009 the foto fanatic)

(Photo: State Library of Queensland & John Oxley Library; #7718-0001-0011)

Members of the former community now worship down the road at the Trades and Labor Council building in Peel St. It seems somewhat of a shame that the rigid structures of the Church were not able to cope with something a little different but still within the broad framework of "religion", and which obviously appealed to so many people. It seems like a story heard before - about events that occurred around two thousand years ago.

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  1. It is sad to see what has happened, however it must be remembered that every religion has its core doctrines and beliefs. No one has a gun to their head to belong. If I stopped believing int he teachings of my church, I would leave. If Father Kennedy no longer recognizes the authority of the Bishop then it was time for him to go. Nothing to stop him from practicing his faith as he wants to in another church.


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