Monday, February 8, 2010

Commonwealth Bank, King George Square

We have previously looked at the Albert St Uniting Church. The parish itself is one of the oldest in Brisbane, having kicked off in 1849 as the Albert St Wesleyan Church, situated then on Albert St between Adelaide St and Burnett Lane. The initial small church hall only seated 150 people, so it was rebuilt on the same site in 1855, this time facing Adelaide St instead of Albert St. Here is a photograph of that building from around 1883.
(Photo: State Library of Queensland and John Oxley Library; #56618)

This second church was much larger than the original, having room for 500 worshippers. It had large Gothic windows at each end, together with further windows down each side. The church was opened in December 1856, and was sold when the church moved to the current building on the corner of Albert and Ann Sts some thirty years later. The Albert St/Burnett Lane site was later to become the home of a branch of the Commonwealth Bank, shown below in 1954 when it was kitted out for the royal visit.

(Photo: Courtesy National Archives of Australia; # J2669, 540)

At the moment, I can't tell you when this bank was built; but it lasted until 1966 when it was replaced by a newer, multi-storey bank building, shown in my photo below.(Photo: © 2010 the foto fanatic)

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Next: Remember the Bellevue!


  1. It is amazing the change this site has seen in such a short space of time really.Can't wait for the Bellevue post. Occasionally we pick up old china and cutlery etc from the Bellevue. (Americans always love it due to the names assiciation with the famouse mental hospital in the US.)

  2. There was a building on this site between the church and the bank decked out for the royals. It had a small tower/dome on the corner.

  3. TFF, from looking at other old photos, I'm pretty sure the second church building from the 1850s (built by Joshua Jeays) was actually on the corner of Burnett Lane and Albert Street, with the church (grave?) yard on the corner of Albert and Adelaide.
    This second church was replaced by the Queensland Deposit Bank and Building Society building in the late 1880s. I'm 99% sure the older Commonwealth Bank building shown above was simply the 1880s building 'modernised' (in the 1930s?) -- see the roof line and the cut-down turret in the corner
    Photo of 1880s bank building here:,_Brisbane,_ca._1903.jpg

    1. Peter

      The photographs certainly seem to support what you say.

      I'll see what other information I can find.

  4. I was a small child when visiting this bank in the 50s and 60s. I can remember a circular series of bank tellers with a mezanine floor above. The tellers used to send the deposits up through a series of cylinders. Wondering if there are any photos of the ground floor area?


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