Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Go Between Bridge

(Photos: © 2010 the foto fanatic)

It seems a new bridge or tunnel opens daily in Brisbane these days. This time it is the Go Between Bridge that "goes between" Milton and South Brisbane. That's it in the top photo, taken from a CityCat and looking upstream towards Toowong. It is shown again in the foreground of the photo above looking downstream towards the city- click the photos to see larger - behind it is the Merivale Rail Bridge and behind that is the William Jolly Bridge. It has been reported that the bridge came in $42 million under budget - that must be why it looks so spartan. Still, I suppose its worth will be its value as a utility, not as a work of art. Makes it hard to photograph it in a flattering light though!

The name of the new bridge was chosen as the result of a competition, and reflects the name of an internationally famous Brisbane band of a couple of decades ago, the Go-Betweens. My mate's cousin, whom I met a couple of times when we were teenagers (well before fame arrived), was a member of this band. At a time when not a great deal was going on in Brisbane, it was was major news to have local musicians doing so well. The new bridge has been controversial, however. Firstly, it is a toll bridge. In an era when everything from drivers' licences to car registration is increasing rapidly, it is another financial impost to beleaguered motorists. A recently opened tunnel, the Clem 7, is also charging motorists a toll, and the vehicle numbers on which the commercial viability of the tunnel were predicated are not being reached. This has forced the toll to be halved to attract motorists to it. The toll on the Go Between Bridge will also have a honeymoon period with a lower toll for the same reason. Hope it works, otherwise the citizens of Brisbane will be up for horrendous rate increases in the future.
(Photo: © 2010 the foto fanatic)

Anyway, such is the frequency of opening bridges these days that each successive opening has to outdo the previous one. Mere walkovers are no longer sufficient - we now have to have parties, concerts and markets to christen the edifice. The Go Between Bridge had a concert (with original members of the Go-Betweens appearing) on 25 June, followed by a market on the bridge on 4 July. And here, pictured on the bridge during the celebrations on 4 July, is
my mate's cousin and the other Go-Betweens, together with Brisbane's lord mayor Campbell Newman.(Photo: Courtesy D Hurst and

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  1. Just love the name of this bridge and the connection to the Brissie band.

  2. Second from left is Adele Pickvance, my son-in-law's sister and the last bass player in the Go Betweens.

  3. Not my cousin, but my friend's cousin - and no, not John.


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