Friday, July 30, 2010

Inchcolm, Wickham Terrace

The medical fraternity started to congregate on Wickham Terrace from the 1880s onwards. A Dr John Thompson built his house, Inchcolm, which included rooms for his medical practice, on the Terrace in that decade. His house later became a private hospital. In 1929, a group of doctors bought the site and set about erecting a purpose built multi-storey medical facility. The architect was Mr Percy Trewern and the builder was JI Green, and it was finished in 1930. Here it is, as photographed in 1996 when it was still being used as medical suites.
(Photograph: Courtesy DEWHA and J Houldsworth)

In 1999 the four-storey building was converted into a boutique hotel, including a restaurant run by award-winning chef Russell Armstrong on the ground floor. Here is a current photograph.
(Photo: © 2010 the foto fanatic)

A feature of the interior of The Inchcolm Hotel is the old lift, surrounded by wire mesh. A staircase circles around the lift up to the top floor. Friends have stayed here and were very complimentary about the hotel. And, having eaten at the restaurant Seasalt, I can certainly recommend that.

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  1. Terrific hotel. I really like seeing photos of these old pubs.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. Apart from being well located, would you say Wickham Terrace was attractive architecturally? I ask because it sounds like the Brisbane medical equivalent of Collins St in Melbourne and Macquarie Street in Sydney - centre of town, close to the main hospitals and beautiful architecture.

  3. I think we are lucky to have some of the older buildings still standing. The Terrace is still medico-centric, although some older buildings have now become strata titled for apartments. There is no doubt that its elevated position above the city attracted wealthier citizens (eg doctors) to it originally.

  4. Thanks, love the website, just wanted to point out that the architect was Eric Percy Trewern (or EP Trewern as he was known). I married his great-grandson!


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