Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Webber House, Ann St

William Webber came to Australia from England in 1885 as the third Anglican Bishop of Brisbane, and was enthroned in November of that year at St John's Pro-Cathedral in William St. Webber was an adept administrator and a canny fund raiser. He raised around £100,000 for his church, with a third of that going towards a new cathedral to be built in Ann St. Webber died in 1903. The following building, designed by Robin Dods and John Murdoch, was erected in the precinct of the new cathedral in 1904. It was to be a school and church institute building, and after renovations in 1969, it was renamed Webber House in honour of the bishop. The photograph below is from 1983.
(Photo: Courtesy DEWHA; rt2091)

Stone from the demolished pro-cathedral was used in the construction of the Gothic building. The Sisters of the Sacred Advent conducted a school there in the late 1930s, and during WWII the building was used by the Army engineering corps. It currently houses a church mission book store, and probably has other church uses as well.
(Photo: © 2010 the foto fanatic)

My current photograph (above) shows the building today. Hasn't the skyline at the rear of the building changed in the ensuing thirty years?

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  1. That church is not as elegant as it might have been, at least on the outside. And not because Robin Dods and John Murdoch were not good church architects. Is there something about the Brisbane weather that would suggest tiny windows were the way to go?

  2. It was never a church, but originally a school, which probably means it should have had even better air circulation!

    Can't imagine February lessons were too much fun.


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