Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next Post Unknown! Grounded by 2011 Floods

Not sure when normal transmission can be resumed.

Power and internet are problematic.

Public transport is virtually at a standstill. Even if you do have a motor vehicle, access to many parts of Brisbane, including the CBD, is severely curtailed. Police advice is for everyone to keep well away from flooded areas and off the roads for the present.

Having said all of that, we are OK even though we live right on the Brisbane River.

I'll post what I can when I can.

Cheers to all


  1. what suburb are you? i rented in Hefferan St Fairfield in the mid-90s. i think that house will have been well underwater

  2. I live on the riverfront at Teneriffe, just north of the CBD. We were really fortunate, as we had not water incursion. However, within a few hundred metres of my building, people have had their entire house trashed. I went for a walk this afternoon, and I saw the entire contents of houses thrown out into the street, and house being hosed out with power hoses. All public transport in our suburb has been cancelled. The shopping centre is closed until further notice - their basement car park has metres of water in it. There is six incehs of putrid, oily, brown sludge on every surface that was covered by flood water.

    75% of Queensland is flood affected.

  3. thanks. a friend of mine lives in west end, i was expecting her house to be mostly underwater. fortunately for her, it was only 1cm under her house but plenty in her backyard. other friends of friends have been badly affected though - they are in the camp of having to throw out lots of stuff


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