Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fire Brigade 2

Brisbane's old fire stations have been phased out of service. The older stations are not suitable for the large modern appliances used by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. Pictured below is the last of the older stations to operate, the Wynnum Fire Station, originally built in 1922 (below,top) and upgraded in 1938 (below, bottom).
 (Photo: BCC)
(Photo: Courtesy Brisbane City Council; #BCC-B54-1798) 1951

The Wynnum Fire Brigade was established in Mountjoy St, where building was erected on land purchased in 1921 for that purpose. The brigade operated from this building until a new fire station was constructed in 1938, and the older building was then retained as a storage shed. The new building had a ground floor designed for the brigade's equipment and an upper floor to house the superintendent and his family. Fire stations similar to this design were also established around this time in other suburbs, and other decommissioned buildings can still be seen at Nundah, Yeronga, Morningside and Coorparoo. The picture below is of the now-decommissioned Wynnum building, which I understand is now the home of a plumbing company.
(Photo: © 2010 the foto fanatic)

A new, modern facility for the Fire and Rescue Service at Wynnum was commissioned on 30 May 2004. It was built at a cost of $1.5 million, and with it came a brand new fire truck worth another $550,000. The new truck was dedicated to Fire and Resue Service member Jeff Penfold, who lost his life in a serious blaze at Fishermans Island in 2001. Here is a picture of the new Wynnum Fire and Rescue headquarters.
(Photo: © 2011 the foto fanatic)

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  1. I just discovered this blog through some random Google searching, and I just have to say I love it! I've always been fascinated with old buildings and Australian history in general. This post mentions that there's a decommissioned fire station in Coorparoo. Well, I live in Coorparoo, so I had to Google further and find out exactly where it is. Turns out it's really very close to where I live, and I often walk past it! And I never knew it was an old fire station! But now that I know it, I can definitely see it. So thank you for feeding my fascination!

  2. Fire at the Star Cinema Wynnum:


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