Friday, March 11, 2011

Life in Brisbane - 1959

I found this on YouTube and thought that it was worth sharing. You will need to have your speakers turned on.

Regular readers will see many of the buildings and locations that have featured in this blog. How many can you recognise? (Look out for the Mirimar, whose name is reflected back-to-front in the Brisbane River!)




  1. That was wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! Seeing the Uni back then was incredible.

    I wonder where that swimming pool was?

    Also, have you heard about the old road possibly dating back to 1880 that workers have found under the City Hall?


  2. The Oasis swimming pools were out at Sunnybank. It was a very large complex of pools and gardens, later sold for redevelopment as a housing estate.

    Haven't heard about the road but it sounds interesting. I'll try to get some info on that.

  3. Such a shame the swimming pool/gardens is no longer around.

    Here's a link about the road:


  4. Thanks so much for posting. I loved watching this. The only thing missing was Cloudland (where my mum and dad first met!!!).

  5. That was great, gave me an idea of what brisbane was like when my mum was a small girl. I love everything to do with the 50's,60's & 70's so that footage was definitely a treat!

    1. Wow I didnt officially know the 'OASIS' was closed. My family and I wud alternate btwn Oasis and Acacia Gardens wich was directly across the road, both having their good qualities, Acacia used to be a touch cheaper so thats why we went there i think more often. I remmber the Oasis for a few reasons, the Crocodile in the cage as u entered also the Eagles Cage that became a walk in cage becos the Eagle disappeared. The Oasis brought back memories like almost nothing else in my 50yrs of life. I can not walk passed a frangipani tree w/o taking a flower and sniffing it, how the memories of my brother, sister, Mum and just departed Father come flooding back. I wan2 break out into a song, "Those were the days my friend" I thort they'd never end,, etc The Oasis was the higher priced but more upper class of the two, but the Acacia Gardens was fantastic too. I can go on telling u that i remmber getting a snake put around my neck at the reptile area and there was a giant Seahorse painted at the bottom of the medium pool and I used to scare myself wen i went for a real kwik siwm across to the other side to get away from the Seahorse, lol. Both pools still bring back memories of very very happy times, My family were happy and my parents werent divorced...I am Ctrl C this essay to send to myself..I cud almost go on for another 2000words about those pools.
      But that was then, I really miss those days I can never get back, especially since Acacia closed and as I'v read Oasis is gone too...kisses every1, live long and njoy the rest of your lives xoxo


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