Friday, June 10, 2011

Wanda Walha, West End

(Photo: © 1982 National Trust of Queensland)

Just up the road from Arthur Morry's house (see the last post) is a house that he may have designed for his then neighbour, grocer and timber merchant William Wilson. The house is called Wanda Walha, and it was built in 1886, and pictured above in 1914. Here is a 1996 picture of it.
(Photo: DSEWPaC & J Houldsworth; rt51103)

It's a shame that the large trees at the front of the house are getting larger, because they block most of the house from view. The verandah on the upper level has some lovely cast iron features, and the timber gable over the entrance downstairs is also attractive.
(Photo: © 2011 the foto fanatic)

Nonetheless, it is pleasing to have the building still here, however little one can see of it!

Click here for a Google Map.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The owners have a perfect right to grow whatever they like in the garden of this lovely home; just as you have a perfect right to your opinion. By extension, I am also free to express disappointment at being unable to fully admire the beautiful dwelling because of the foliage.

    Historians by their nature are sticky beaks, so if that remark was intended as an insult it has missed its mark.

    However, you have succeeded in posting the most puerile comment yet seen on this blog. Thank you for your contribution to Brisbane's history.


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