Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Royal Mail Hotel, Tingalpa

I have just read that some mindless idiot has torched the Cobb & Co stagecoach that stood outside this hotel.

The pub used to be on the coach route between Brisbane and Cleveland, hence the hotel's name and the reason for the coach to be parked outside. I don't know whether the coach was original or a replica, but it doesn't matter.

For someone to think that it is funny or for people not to have something better to do than to burn things down doesn't say much for today's society.

By the wonders of Google Maps, I can show you a photograph of what the coach used to look like.
(Photo: Google Maps)

 And now:

This is just a one-off post - normal transmission will resume shortly.



  1. I hadn't heard but totally agree, that is horrendous. It was always quite the local landmark and the pub won't be the same without it !!

  2. Hi Katherine

    I called in to say hello to you when I was out your way taking photographs for the blog, but it was while you were on a well-deserved holiday.

    Watch out for some East Brisbane posts coming up!

    Hope all is well with the family now.

  3. This was an historic Cobb and Co coach , although housed at the Tingalpa Royal Mail Hotel I would tell you that Cobb and Co NEVER operated Brisbane to Clevelandand the only ocassion this firm was represented in Tingalpa was when the Pub took this coach and displayed it on its premises Fred Clark ( fred


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