Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eskgrove, East Brisbane

This is a current photograph of one of Brisbane's oldest houses - a low-set stone dwelling situated on the river at East Brisbane. It is known as Eskgrove. Unfortunately you can't see a lot!
(Photo: © 2012 the foto fanatic)
The property was recently listed for sale, and although I do not know for certain, I think that was sold. There is a recently lodged Development Application seeking to change the property by demolishing outbuildings and replacing them with living spaces connected by verandah to the main residence which is heritage listed. The following images from the real estate listing give an idea of the position of the property - situated on one of Brisbane's most prestigious streets, and a short ferry ride to the CBD.

(Photos: homehound.com.au)

Eskgrove was constructed in 1853 for bank manager Archibald Hutchinson who came up to Brisbane from Sydney. His near neighbours at that time would have been Rev Robert Creyke at Ravenscott (now Shafston House) and Rev Thomas Mowbray at Riversdale. Riversdale was demolished years ago and is now Mowbray Park, a lovely near-city green space and ferry stop.

Poor Mr Hutchinson did not have long to enjoy his new house, because he died there in 1854. The indications are that his wife returned to Sydney with their children and the house was let to tenants. One of those tenants was the Queensland port master George Heath, who lived there while his own residence Hanworth was being constructed just up the road.

A later owner was Joseph Walter Tritton, probably part of Brisbane's Tritton's furniture family. He bought the property in 1910; he and his family lived there from 1920 onwards, and it remained in the family until 1960. Subsequently the place was converted to flats and then became a nursing home before once again being returned to a house.

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Edit 9/12/12: Here is another article about this property -it's still for sale.

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