Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ann St Church of Christ

One of these days I'm going to count the number of churches on Ann St. It's quite a long street and it has more than its share of churches, ranging from a century-old Anglican cathedral to a shared space in a modern building used by the International City Church. It was also planned to be the site of a huge Catholic cathedral envisaged by Archbishop Duhig, but the funds for that venture were never realised.

One of the older church buildings in the street is the Church of Christ, situated near the Queen St intersection and pictured below.
(Photo: © 2012 the foto fanatic)

The building was originally erected around 1881 for the United Methodist Free Church. Tiny though it seems today, wedged in between office towers, it has been extended three times since construction.

I don't know the reasons, but it appears that the United Methodists were replaced by the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ had formed at another location in 1893, and in 1898 they bought this church building for £1,100.

The building is a Gothic structure with rendered walls and an iron roof. It is quite similar in appearance to another Ann St church, the Ann St Presbyterian, that is about thirty years older. I don't have an older image of the building, but Wikipedia has a photo of the Ann St Church of Christ's women's sewing group from 1901.
(Photo: wikipedia.org)

These days the church has a Korean language service in addition to its normal English services each Sunday and welcomes all overseas visitors with a Make Friends in Brisbane meeting on Wednesdays that helps newcomers learn to speak English.

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  1. I walked past that Church yesterday and wondered to myself: I wonder what the history of that little place is? I wish that Your Brisbane blog guy would check it out...
    Hey presto!

  2. Excellent blog. The Ann Street Church of Christ is putting a lot of its historical records on its website for its 130 year celebration http://www.430annstreet.com

  3. A documentary about the church is here https://www.430annstreet.com/mini-documentary-our-story/


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