Friday, February 8, 2013

Bellmount, Spring Hill

This little gem at Spring Hill is almost unnoticeable, squeezed as it is between some larger buildings and shaded by a couple of pretty trees. Once a residence, the signage at the front indicates that it is now inhabited by a business and also that it is for sale. There are some interior photographs at the real estate site here. The building is a heritage listed workers' cottage built in 1880 and known then as Bellmount.
(Photo: © 2013 the foto fanatic)

When I worked for an insurance company in my youth, there were people employed there as messengers. The messengers had numerous duties such as walking documents to various CBD offices, moving mail between the eight floors of clerical workers in the company's Brisbane office, filing documents into the archives area, and so forth. I mention this as a precursor to saying that this cottage was built for a Martin McLeod who was a bank messenger.

The residence originally had four rooms and is set on stumps at the front and ground level at the rear of the sloping allotment. There is an attic behind the dormer window visible from the street, and it is thought that the attic would have originally been used for storage - it would have been far too hot for a bedroom under an unlined iron roof. Here is a further photo from about thirty years ago. 
(Photo: © 1982 National Trust of Queensland; R Sumner; F Bolt)

 It is a delight to still be able to see such a venerable cottage still in remarkable condition.

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  1. This must have been a lovely home in 1880. I realise 4 rooms in a worker's cottage was not enormous or flashy, but the small front yard and ? larger backyard must have delighted the family in their private space.


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