Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fell's Cottage, Spring Hill

 (Photo: Courier Mail)
(Photo: google.com.au)

I was all set to prepare a post on this property but the good folk at the Courier Mail have done it for me!

Click here to read about this 1878 worker's cottage.

Click here for a Google Map.



  1. There were worker's cottages that were far smaller and less impressive than this one (looks). Do we know how many rooms Fell's Cottage had?

  2. Although I have been to the site I was unable to even see inside.

    There was certainly a kitchen and a living room, a bathroom and at least two bedrooms.

  3. Two gay friends of mine who have now passed away - Rolf and Lyle Freeman lived in Moray Street New Farm. Lyle was a friend of the lady who lived in this house early 1970s. I lived at "Spathis Court", 263 Gregory Terrace then and walked up many times to have tea in the garden under the trees in the front yard . . . we were never let in and even then I doubt if the electricity was connected. I can't remember her name but the lady was an avid reader and a poet and a very beatnik person.

  4. I saw this place on realestate.com.au recently. Knew you'd be all over it :-)

  5. Will be watching this one with interest, I wonder if anyone will take it on :-)


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