Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wading pool, Wynnum

Recently the lovely mrs tff had a Monday off as a substitute for having to work on a Saturday. We decided that we wanted to venture to the seaside and have some fish and chips overlooking the water. We estimated that the last time we had done something similar would have been a beach holiday decades earlier.

Anyhow, the venue that we decided on was the bayside suburb of Wynnum, only about 15 km from where we live. We found a feed, although many of the local chipperies were closed for no other reason than it was Monday. I suppose the weekends are their busiest times and they are entitled to rest sometime.

We ate our fish and chips under these trees right next door to a saltwater wading pool that was built in 1932. Here is a picture postcode from 1991. 
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
(Photo: Centre for the Government of Queensland)

When I hear of the recessions and austerity programs that are so often talked about today, I think also about the Great Depression of the 1930s. Things must have been really tough then. Rampant unemployment and deflation led to wide-spread poverty, forcing many to live rough and beg for assistance. Where possible, governments introduced public works as a means of providing jobs, and it was as a result of one of those schemes that the wading pool was built. Men on the "susso" were given jobs based on needs - men with bigger families were allocated more work. Here is a photograph of men building the retaining wall for the wading pool in 1932, and below that some families enjoying the completed pool.
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(Photo: wikipedia.com)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
(Photo: Wynnum Historical Society via wikipedia.com)

The opening of the pool in January 1933 attracted a large crowd who were entertained by a yacht race on the bay that was arranged for the occasion. The wading pool has remained popular ever since, and recently the Brisbane City Council forked out $6.5 million to upgrade the facilities and improve safety features - that was completed in 2008. This is the finished product.
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(Photo: http://laras-log.blogspot.com.au)

This place is a haven for families with little children and a very pleasant way to while away a few hours. Best of all - it is absolutely free!

Click here for a Google Map.


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  1. Regarding the photo of men building the retaining wall. This photo is of professional, skilled workers repairing a section of the wading pool in 1935. It is featured in The Telegraph 25 Jan 1935 page 9. The year is not 1932 and they are not sussos. Although they may be fixing work done by the less skilled sussos in 1932.


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