Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coorparoo Shire Hall, Coorparoo

Just up the road from Coorparoo State School, the building once known as Coorparoo Shire Hall was opened on 7 October 1892, four years after the proclamation of the Shire of Coorparoo. A memorial roll of honour for the shire's WWI fallen soldiers was hung inside in 1916.
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 In 1925, when the various local councils were amalgamated into the Greater Brisbane City Council, the Shire Hall became the School of Arts, and local residents agreed to purchase the building from the City Council for £1,000. After WWII, Brisbane City Council demanded payment of £750 still outstanding on that debt. Community action and assistance from the local RSL club enabled the community to keep the hall, now renamed Coorparoo School of Arts and Memorial Hall.
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The hall still stands on Cavendish Road.

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  1. Given some of the shires had grand brick buildings, it is interesting to see this is a traditional Queenslander timber building. Pity someone added the brick entrance way though -- it definitely spoils it!


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