Friday, April 12, 2013

Victoria Flats, Spring Hill

Kilroe was here.

Mrs Frances (Fanny) Kilroe was the original owner of these four flats, built in 1923 on the high side of Gregory Terrace. The flats, originally known as Kilroe's Flats, have views over Victoria Park from the front and the towards the city at the rear.
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Frances Elliott and Joseph Kilroe were both immigrants to Brisbane from Ireland. They married at Gympie on 13 February 1895.
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(Source: Brisbane Courier 23 February 1895 via

Joseph Kilroe was a draper. On 1 August 1899 he was made a partner at the successful firm of Finney Isles.  

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(Source: Brisbane Courier 18 November 1899

The Kilroes never lived in the flats - for a time they lived in the next door property called Mirrunya and later moved to Paddington. The flats were designed by architect TBM Wightman and were among the first purpose-designed flats in Brisbane. The flats stayed in the Kilroe family until Fanny's death in 1948 when they were sold.

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  1. Such a familiar site, my Grandparents lived in Park St. Nice to see it maintained so beautifully!

  2. I'm so glad to see you feature Victoria Flats! I lived in the top right flat from 2007 to 2008. They are all still mostly in original condition inside but have modern bathrooms and kitchens. Each flat also has a name - there are no numbers on the letterboxes, which made getting electricity/phone connections confusing and mail would always end up in the wrong letterboxes!

    1. Sarah, They have since been desecrated. The apartments have now been painted floor to ceiling in white totally destroying all the beautiful old wooden highlights. Unfortunately this is a disastrous trend in Brisbane and will be much regretted in the future.


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