Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post #500

When I started this blog in January 2009 I had no idea that I would reach 100 posts, let alone 500. But Blogger tells me that this will be the 500th post published, so I am accepting their arithmetic.

Fellow bloggers and perhaps even readers will realise that blogging is compulsive, frustrating, rewarding and cathartic all rolled into one. There are times when I could have easily given up and other times when I thought I might continue forever.

I started this exercise as an addendum to my photography hobby, having retired from work because of an illness (life changing, not life threatening, fortunately for me). I wanted to do something that would get me out of the house and also keep me busy when I was in the house, and blogging has filled those needs admirably. I have happily pottered about all over Brisbane, mainly on public transport, and spent hours on-line discovering information about Brisbane people and places.

I am principally a secondary researcher rather than a primary one. That means that I have "stood on the shoulders of giants" to fact-find for my stories. Places like the John Oxley Library, the Brisbane City Council Library Services, Trove and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection have provided much of the material that I have used here. Other researchers and writers, too numerous to mention, have provided inspiration and information. I have tried to credit sources wherever possible and if I have left any out I can only apologise. Similarly, I have endeavoured to be accurate, but if there are any mistakes I am responsible for them. One of the disadvantages of running for so long is that some of the older pages have links that now do not work because the originating site has been altered, a peril of the ever-changing digital world.

So - the blog is taking a sabbatical. I expect to be back but I don't know when. My extremely patient wife and I are travelling overseas in June and when we return I will consider all options, as they say in the classics.

Thank you to all readers, whether occasional or regular. Particular thanks to those who have made comments, provided ideas and information, or corrected errors.

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