Monday, December 23, 2013

Changing face of Brisbane - Corner Ann St and Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

A quick pictorial for Christmas. Three views of the intersection of two of Brisbane's busiest streets - Ann St and Wickham St at the lower end of Fortitude Valley.

The building in the foreground is Metropolitan Motors.
(Photo: Brisbane City Council; BCC-S35-97186)

Same building, now housing Windscreens O'Brien. Whose idea was it to erect that awful monument to Brisbane?
(Photo: Brisbane City Council; BCC-B120-15126)

Monument gone, thank goodness! The whole area has been redeveloped and is now one of Brisbane's finer shopping and eating precincts.


(Click here for a Google Map)



  1. There was a water fountain with a ball in the middle some where as a part of the 1984 monument wasn't there? I actually thought it was great, and I can't believe things like that get taken down - so few of them left now.

  2. One of the problems with it was that it very quickly became absolutely filthy.

    All of that vehicle exhaust being spewed over it daily made it look very tawdry.


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