Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day Floods - 40 years ago

Some events leave a lasting memory, and the 1974 Australia Day floods in Brisbane and Ipswich was one that had that effect on me. It wasn't that I personally had any major problems - it was just the sheer size of the disaster and the protracted aftermath that were so memorable.

Here are some of the media recollections of the 1974 Floods:



  1. A memory is sharpest when it speaks personally to the individual. I wasn't in Queensland but university colleagues wrote about their theses being threatened by the rising water level in their homes. Since there were no word processors yet, every page had been hand typed, with a carbon copy. Losing 2 or 3 or 4 years' work would have been a tragedy that I personally grieved over.

    1. I guess context would be important. If your home and loved ones were safe, then losing a thesis would be a monumental disaster.
      On the other hand, it might be insignificant if you lost family members or friends, or had your home and everything in it destroyed.
      In any case, computers that are properly backed-up with cloud or off-site copies are a godsend.

  2. We (I was only a child) were camping in the Snowies when we heard. When we got home the neighbours house had had a close encounter with Ithaca Creek & the whole family & their possessions were camped out under our house. I can remember being annoyed at missing out on all the fun. The concept of flood related tragedy was largely lost on me as a child in 1974.


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