Monday, April 28, 2014

Kiosk and Bandstand, New Farm Park

The bandstand in New Farm Park was constructed in 1915 to a design by AH Foster, the city architect of the time. It was built in conjunction with a kiosk which has since been destroyed by fire. The bandstand was built in July of that year, with the kiosk being built in September. Both were of the Federation Queen Anne style. Here is a glimpse of the kiosk in its sylvan setting a few years prior to its destruction.
(Photo: Brisbane City Council; BCC-C35-961290.20)

The following excerpt from the Brisbane Courier of 30 September 1916 shows how much fun Brisbane citizens could have at a park bandstand.


Tomorrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the Brisbane Excelsior Band will render the following selections in the bandstand at New Farm Park: -March, "Light Guards"; overture, "Rou e et Noir"; suite, "Les Fleurs d'Austialia"; hymns, selected; selections, "Memories of the   Opera"; overture, "Humours of Donnybrook"; march, "Black Fury. " At the same hour, at Bowen Park, the Brisbane Labour and Union Band will play :- March, "Queen of the North" (Lithgow); selection 'Sons of the Sea" (Rimmer); waltz, "Star of Love" (Round); sacred selection, 'Peace and Good Will" (Greenwood); selection, "Songs of England" (Rimmer); intermezzo, , Queen of Dreams" (Lithgow); march, "Bravest of the Brave" (W S Ford).

Here are a couple of photographs of the bandstand, which is now maintained by Brisbane City Council.

(Photo: Brisbane City Council; BCC-C120-9563.6)

(Photo: © 2013 the foto fanatic)

For more information on Australian Bandstands of the Federation era, click here to go to a post at the wonderful blog ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly.

Click here for a Google Map. 



  1. How I loved going to that kiosk, as did my children... what a shane that they haven't rebuilt it as it was...

  2. Agreed. A bandstand can be beautiful architecture in its own right, set in a fine park setting. But how much lovelier if people can listen to the music or watch the children play, as well as enjoying a sandwich, cup of tea or even a glass of wine!

    Thank you foto fanatic. Even though my post was written years ago, I am still besotted with the ideas of leisure and healthy living in Edwardian times.

  3. Love this blog, so much to learn about my adopted city - which I've lived in for 51 years.
    The Bandstand in New Farm Park is of fond memory. For many years as a clarinet player in the still going Brisbane Municipal Concert Band, I whiled away many a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Played in the bandstand in Bowen Park, too. Those lists of music sound kinda familiar ;-)
    I wondered what had happened to the Kiosk!

  4. Many fond childhood memories of ice-creams from the kiosk in New Farm Park, wandering through the rose bushes, imaginary games in the bandstand, playing in the immense fig trees and spinning around in the playground. I prefer the 1994 decoration of the bandstand, much more Federation style and makes the bandstand look like a more substantial piece of architecture. Such a shame it appears the Federation slate roof has been replaced with tin.


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