Monday, November 17, 2014

Old movie films - who was the photographer?

I have recently received an email from a history buff in the US.

The email contains links to three 16mm movie films apparently taken by someone who visited Australia around the year 1940. These films were found in a garage sale and have been digitised by an American history group that is now trying to locate the photographer or anyone with a connection to them.

I have viewed the three films and find them to be fascinating. They show wonderful glimpses of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Shot in colour, they portray life in Australia at that time and many of the background scenes are familiar even today.

This blog is happy to pass on the plea of the Americans for assistance in identifying the photographer. If anyone has any information that would help please contact me by email.

Take a look at the films - you will enjoy the representation of Australia in the 1940s.

Melbourne 1940

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