Monday, June 8, 2015

Royal Hotel, Nundah

A couple of weeks ago we had a family meal at one of Brisbane's oldest hotels. I'm not a restaurant reviewer, but I have to say that I was very impressed with the venue and the food. I am talking about the recently refurbished Royal Hotel at Nundah, which happens to be on the BCC heritage list.

The suburb now known as Nundah started out as German Station, a place established by  Lutheran missionaries who were among Brisbane's first free settlers. They arrived in 1838 and the mission lasted until 1843. A railway station was opened in 1882 and with that came a new name for the suburb - Nundah, an adaptation of the name that the Indigenous Turrbal people had for a chain of waterholes in the area.

The Royal Hotel was designed by architect GWC Wilson and built on Sandgate Road around 1888. It has remained a Nundah fixture since that time. Here is the earliest photograph of it that I could find - it was taken around 1929.
(Photo: SLQ 1868)

Prior to a makeover last year, the hotel had marketed itself as the Royal English Hotel and it looked like this. Fortunately all of that faux-Tudor cladding is now gone.
Photo: 2013

And here is its most recent appearance. Now known simply as The Royal, it has embraced the gastro-pub concept with an Italian flair. Judging by the full-to-capacity crowd, the changes have met with instant approval and The Royal has regained its mojo.

Click here for a Google Map.



  1. yet another pub owned by coles :(

  2. Yes, the hotel is operated by Spirit Hotels, which is a division of the mammoth Coles Group.

    I wasn't aware of that when I visited the place and the whole experience was excellent, so I have no beef with the ownership setup.

    I think the days of the corner pub owned and run by a family or two are just about gone. But these huge organisations can provide a large number of jobs, especially for young people.

  3. I'd rather the jobs spread around family business, but that aside, full credit to coles for the renovations as its a fantastic venue. I went to live in the UK and returned to find this wonderful 'new' pub in nundah. Love it


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